Your engagement has its meaning

Become a Volunteer

You can help us in accomplishing our mission effectively

We are looking for people willing to support and promote Foundation’s work by taking part in specific projects. Besides a contract, a certificate or a letter of reference, we also guarantee tons of interesting experiences.

Your help changes the world for better

We believe that our actions are meaningful – we are actually changing the face of the Church on the Earth by building a faith ecosystem. Your help truly advances our actions.

You gain experience and new competences

While achieving our goals we act professionally and with gusto. We use new technologies and competences that may also be needed in other fields of work.

You work the way you like – flexibly and comfortably

You can work remotely or in our office or during events that we organise. The amount of hours you work depends on your availability and flexibility.

What projects can you engage in?

  • Extraordinary Music Workshops

    Extraordinary Music Workshops is a main DLC’s project destined for vocalists who are interested in liturgical music. Through Workshops we want to actually change the face of the Church in Poland. Volunteers help with preparations but mainly they deal with any questions that participants may have during the event.

  • Mysterium fascinans

    Every year the retreat gathers around 200 people who want to broaden their understanding and experiencing of liturgy. So far superb theologians have been our guests in every edition of the event. Volunteers are engaged in preparations (e.g. of materials), participants’ registration and addressing any issues that occur during a retreat.

  • RCIA

    Every year a group of lay catechists support Dominican priests in preparing adult candidates to receive baptism, confirmation and first Communion. Preparation happens on weekly meetings.

  • Internet projects

    Since 2008 we’ve been running the biggest website about liturgy on the Polish Internet. The database with texts and multimedia materials is growing rapidly – we share video series and musical aids. Thanks to volunteers’ work, transcriptions and translations of videos and other materials are made, which remarkably widens their range.

  • Singing and liturgical assistants

    We invite you to join our choir and liturgical assistants during liturgies organised by us and that are related to preparing adults for baptism and confirmation, our workshops and retreats and others. It’s not a permanent closed group – you can volunteer once.

  • Liturgy and evangelisation on Camino

    Come and live with us on a pilgrims’ way to the tomb of St. James the Apostle in Spain. Hundreds of people traverse this way every year – we want to help them discover who calls them to do so by liturgy celebrations and conversations. You can sign up for a week or two-week voluntary service in our summer community.

Current assignments waiting to be taken

Redaktor serwisu internetowego

Nasz serwis internetowy Liturgia.pl dynamicznie się rozwija, ale brakuje nam osób, które mogą zadbać o publikowane treści: ich odpowiednie przygotowanie, udostępnianie i porządkowanie.

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Jeśli tytuł tej oferty to dla Ciebie codzienność a nie czarna magia, czyli czujesz się ekspertem w jednym z tych tematów oraz masz możliwość i chęć, aby zaangażować się w nasze działania – czekamy na Ciebie!

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Tłumaczenie treści liturgicznych

Aby udostępnić wartościowe treści i nasze projekty szerokiemu gronu odbiorców, rozpoczęliśmy projekt tłumaczenia ich na najpopularniejsze języki.

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Our unfailing Volunteers

Faustyna Hinc
Szymon Burek
Cultural manager

That is how we organised the Extraordinary Music Workshops.

Our workshops are a week of intense work of over 300 people from all over Poland. In order for them to have fruitful time, together with a group of dedicated volunteers we prepare everything down to the last detail.

„Working for DLC is an exceptional experience, a possibility to establish new relationships and a participation in variety of interesting projects. We are intent on your creativity, energy and conscientiousness.”

Łukasz Miśko OP

DLC President