The board and documents

According to our Articles of Incorporation the organs of the Foundation are: the Founder, the Foundation Council and the Foundation Board. Founder’s purview includes appointing and dismissing the Board’s President.

Board members of the Dominican Liturgical Center Foundation

Fr. Lukasz Misko, OP

President of the Foundation

Fr. Wojciech Sznyk, OP

Vice President of the Foundation

„Money gains its value in a relation to a thing it is spent on. Therefore it is important to us that every zloty we get is spent even more prudently and responsibly, and that reporting is done in an absolutely transparent way.”

Paweł Połeć

Financial Director

We are certain that the power of the Church depends on the way liturgy is celebrated. For the majority of Catholics participating in Mass is a basic form of experiencing faith. The quality of their faith depends on what they see, hear and experience during Mass. That is why we teach faith and share tools to experience it in liturgy. We believe that because of that the Church will renew itself.

Our goal is for everyone to consciously participate in beautiful liturgy. We share information, opinions and materials broadening understanding of sacraments. We create objects that emphasise the essence and dignity of liturgical celebration and also high quality products that enable experiencing faith with joy and pride everyday.