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DLC actions are not aimed at profit but accomplishing a mission. We try to cover current expenses with a profit from our store, but our projects are entirely supported by people who appreciate what we do and want us to do it better.

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Every penny counts. Below you will find information about what we can do with the donations and what we want to allocate it for. Our Friends’ donations are spent wisely and cautiously. Thanks to you we will be able to launch next projects. Remember that donating regularly even small amounts of money is the most helpful.
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If you can, donate even few dollars every month. Thanks to you we will be able to launch next projects. Remember that donating regularly even small amounts of money is the most helpful.

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Third of all, as a public benefit organisation we collect 1% of tax. To support us that way, it is enough to enter our National Court Register number (KRS): 0000354036 on your tax return in Poland.
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First of all, pray for us. No other support can replace lifting up our prayers to good God so He would bless our efforts.

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You can support us by buying publications that we offer. It is worth remembering about them once you’re buying someone a gift. By buying them in our store, you give a present both to your friend and to us. Store profits are mainly allocated for maintenance costs (salaries, office upkeep, administration costs).
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Everyone knows someone who willingly shares their money, manages or work in a company that supports NGOs. Tell your friends about us and our needs so they know that they can support a good cause.
Sharing information about us and our actions in social media is actual help. If you have your favourite project, you can host a fundraiser on your profile and recommend it to your friends.

What do they say about us?

When I first encountered this Polish Dominican music as a grad student, I was completely blown away: here was music that sounded totally different from anything I’d heard before, in church or on the radio, but was at the same time totally intuitive; here was music that a handful of amateurs could pick up and learn in five minutes, and somehow turn into captivating beauty; here was music that was drew me in, that actually made me want to sing it.

Fr. Gabriel Torretta OP, OP
University of Chicago

This music is ideal for parishes to participate in experiencing the mysteries of our blessed Catholic faith with reverence and accessibility. This music mixes beautifully the tradition of the Church in four part motets of the Renaissance in polyphony and the Novus Ordo with vernacular prayers and simple melodies.

Zachary Groeblinghoff
parish music director

I never encountered this music growing up, but experiencing liturgies with the Polish Dominican music (chant and polyphony), though completely foreign, felt like home to me.

Amira Davis
research scientist

To anyone who is interested in prayerful and dignified liturgical music in the English language, I highly recommend the work of the Dominican Liturgical Center and its future projects to share more of the Polish Dominican liturgical music tradition with English-speaking worshippers throughout the world.

Fr. Michael O’Connor, OP
music editor

Donate however it is comfortable to you:

What will we use your donation for?

  • Extraordinary Music Workshops

    Extraordinary Music Workshops is a main DLC’s project destined for vocalists who are interested in liturgical music. Through Workshops we want to actually change the face of the Church in Poland. Every year registration fees cover only a part of organisational expenses.

  • Mysterium fascinans

    Every year the retreat gathers around 200 people who want to broaden their understanding and experiencing of liturgy. So far superb theologians have been our guests in every edition of the event. Registration fees cover only a part of organisational expenses.

  • Our publications

    Years of searching and praying with songs in Dominican basilica in Krakow bore fruit in publication of CDs with liturgical music. In order to accomplish our mission of popularising good liturgical theology, we publish a book series The source and the peak.

  • The Cantorial School

    The Cantorial School is a two-year on-site vocal and liturgical course. DLC has been organising it since 2011. The school is dedicated to amateurs dealing with liturgical music who haven’t completed musical education and to musically educated people who are willing to raise their qualifications within liturgical music.

  • Internet projects

    Since 2008 we’ve been running the biggest website about liturgy on Polish Internet. We want it to become a guidebook: there are such things as articles of superb liturgists and theologians, interviews with singers and composers or commentaries. The multimedia database is rapidly expending: video series and musical aids.

Examples of our current needs

1% is a Big Deal

Faith needs truth and beauty to evolve. We want to create an eco-system that will open others up to God.
We ask you to donate 1% of your tax. In order to do that enter our National Court Register number (KRS): 0000354036 on your tax return in Poland.

Thanks for your trust!

In previous years we could count on the support of many businesses, companies and institutions – here are some of them.

  • IDM SA
  • SMM Legal
  • Superkrak SA
  • Maruta KRP