Extraordinary Music Workshop

August 15–21, 2022


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What is the Extraordinary Music Workshop?

The Extraordinary Music Workshop (EWM) is the Foundation’s leading project, dedicated to singers interested in liturgical music. It is a weeklong conference held in the heart of the ancient capital of Poland, beautiful Kraków. Being aware that music is a vital element of the liturgy, we care both about its traditions and setting new directions for its organic development. At the conference we introduce our participants into the treasuries of Gregorian and Byzantine chant, early polyphony, as well as into contemporary choral music practised in the Dominican province of Poland. See what previous editions looked like.

When and where will the workshops take place?

The next Extraordinary Music Workshop is planned for the week of August 15–21, 2022, as usual at the Dominican Priory of Krakow. As we here in Europe are witnessing an improvement in the pandemic situation, our hope is to have this event fully in-person, although following all the safety measures as required by the ECDC and the Polish government. Stay tuned for updates.

How can I sign up?

We are opening registration in Spring 2022. You are encouraged to leave your e-mail address below to make sure you do not miss any important information. You should also follow our website and social media!

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