Extraordinary Music Workshop

This is our leading project created for people in love with liturgical music. Join us for this week-long conference in the heart of the ancient capital of Poland, beautiful Kraków. Being aware that music is a vital element of the liturgy, we care both about its traditions and setting new directions for its organic development.

August 16-22, 2021 – Kraków, Poland

This year’s edition, the first ever in English, is happening in the obvious shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic that has left our world shaken. We all need hope. As Christians, we believe the strongest source of hope can be found in Jesus Christ, living and active in His Church.

The Word we embrace and the Bread we break – the sacraments that give us strength – are available for musicians and non-musicians alike; yet there is something uniquely powerful in the universal experience of singing which, when coupled with the Church’s liturgy, allows the body of believers to experience the beauty of Christ’s life even more fully. This summer, when Europe is trying to recover from the tragic COVID-19 pandemic, you are invited to sing the song of hope together with hundreds of music lovers gathered in Krakow for Extraordinary Music Workshop 2021 Edition: The Song of Hope.

Our Faculty

Rev. Lawrence Lew, OP
Retreat Master
Rev. Dr. Robert Mehlhart, OP
Gregorian Chant specialist
Elżbieta Wtorkowska
Profesor dyrygentury
Jean-Étienne Langianni
Singer and composer
Andrii Shkrabiuk
Greek-Catholic musician
Olga Trzebicka
Vocal pedagogy
Fr. Lukasz Misko, OP
President of the Foundation

Extraordinary Music Workshop 2019

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Registration and Participation Rules

Our goal is safety of all the participants. It is because of the Ministry of Health regulations that the number of participants this year has to be limited. We encourage you to register early to secure your spot.

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Convenient Lodging

12 €

Price per night in a two person room.

  • Single room 95 PLN per night
  • Individual bathroom, free wifi
  • Electric kettle, refrigerator, TV
  • A 20 minute walk away from the priory

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110 € August 16-22

A week of workshops with our distinguished faculty in the heart of Kraków.

  • Shorter segments at 60 €
  • Daily Eucharist and Liturgy of the Hours
  • Daily theology & spirituality talks
  • Evening concerts

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Water bottle

5 €

Be eco-friendly, don’t waste plastic cups.

  • With a sticker or engraving (10 €)
  • Volume 0,5 l (17 fl oz)
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Dishwasher-safe

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If you still have any questions regarding our program, please feel free to contact the project manager, Fr. Lukasz Misko, OP.

Before you submit your application, please read the Rules of Participation and learn what the COVID-19 Restrictions and Travel Recommendations are in Poland.

  • Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej 2019

    Archiwalne, Projekty muzyczne, W realu, Warsztaty, Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej, Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej (tylko)
  • Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej 2017

    Archiwalne, Projekty muzyczne, W realu, Warsztaty, Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej, Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej (tylko)
  • Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej 2014

    Archiwalne, Edukacyjne, Projekty muzyczne, Warsztaty, Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej, Warsztaty Muzyki Niezwykłej (tylko)

Destination: Hope!

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Extraordinary Music Workshop will take place in Dominican Priory
at Stolarska 12 in Krakow, Poland

Contact us:
Dominican Liturgical Center
Stolarska 6/30, 31-043 Kraków, Poland

phone 0048 12 362 69 32 ext. 0
e-mail: emw@warsztaty.mn
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