Extraordinary Music Workshop

This is our leading project created for people in love with liturgical music. Join us for this week-long conference in the heart of the ancient capital of Poland, beautiful Kraków. Being aware that music is a vital element of the liturgy, we care both about its traditions and setting new directions for its organic development.

It is with great sadness that we decided to cancel this year’s Extraordinary Music Workshop English edition. We were so happy to get a very positive feedback from people from around the world who found our program exciting and expressed their interest in participating. Unfortunately, the world-wide pandemic situation is still far from normal and that is why most people interested in the EMW were not able to travel to Poland this summer.

Please tentatively mark your calendar for summer of 2022 and stay tuned as we will be announcing the details of the next year’s international edition later this year. You may also like to consider participating in one of polish language sections of Extraordinary Music Workshop with other 200+ participants, please find sign up form here.

Extraordinary Music Workshop 2019

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