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The Dominican Liturgical Center Foundation’s goal is for everyone to consciously participate in beautiful liturgy. DLC organises workshops, retreats and catecheses. It publishes books, music recordings and create objects that emphasise the essence and dignity of liturgical celebration. It also creates a community of people engaged in liturgical renewal. It’s a public benefit organisation.

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Who are we?

As the Dominican Liturgical Center Foundation, we are certain that the power of the Church depends on the way liturgy is celebrated. For the majority of Catholics participating in Mass is a basic form of experiencing faith. The quality of their faith depends on what they see, hear and experience during Mass. That is why we teach faith and share tools to experience it in liturgy. We believe that because of that the Church will renew itself.

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Our key projects

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  • Extraordinary Music Workshops

    Extraordinary Music Workshops is a main DLC’s project destined for vocalists who are interested in liturgical music. Through Workshops we want to actually change the face of the Church in Poland. Every year registration fees cover only a part of organisational expenses.

  • Mysterium fascinans

    Every year the retreat gathers around 200 people who want to broaden their understanding and experiencing of liturgy. So far superb theologians have been our guests in every edition of the event. Registration fees cover only a part of organisational expenses.

  • Our publications

    Years of searching and praying with songs in Dominican basilica in Krakow bore fruit in publication of CDs with liturgical music. In order to accomplish our mission of popularising good liturgical theology, we publish a book series The source and the peak.

  • The Cantorial School

    The Cantorial School is a two-year on-site vocal and liturgical course. DLC has been organising it since 2011. The school is dedicated to amateurs dealing with liturgical music who haven’t completed musical education and to musically educated people who are willing to raise their qualifications within liturgical music.

  • Internet Projects

    Since 2008 we’ve been running the biggest website about liturgy on Polish Internet. We want it to become a guidebook: there are such things as articles of superb liturgists and theologians, interviews with singers and composers or commentaries. The multimedia database is rapidly expending: video series and musical aids.

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Michał Wsiołkowski
PR specialist
e-mail: m.wsiolkowski@liturgia.dominikanie.pl
mobile 668 557 705, work 12 444 12 52

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