Monika Lipińska, OPs


office phone: 0048 12 430 19 34

A lay Dominican from the Saint Albert the Great Fraternity at the Dominican monastery in Krakow. She is a member of a Gregorian chant group – Vigilantes. She has been cooperating with the Foundation since a pilgrimage for John Paul II and John XXIII’s canonisation was being organised. She’s been involved in many Foundation’s projects ever since. For several years she was a sacristan at a church in Gródek where the Foundation celebrated Sunday Masses (2011-2018).

She loves all types of tables and has an incredible gift for numbers and different formalities that no one else is able to handle half as well as her. She is an enthusiast of Gregorian chant (since the first time she heard it over 20 years ago) and Byzantine singing. In her free time she likes reading books and seeing Medieval monuments.