We appreciate our Partners

Dominican Liturgical Center is above all a community of people who are engaged in the liturgical renewal. We cooperate with superb authors, thinkers, practitioners and inspirers. We work so all Catholics could benefit from their work. We want the community of our partners to constantly grow. We want to create a place where they can exchange the fruits of their work, share ideas and support each other.

Trusted Partners

We are honoured that we can fulfill our mission in cooperation with the best representatives of different specialties.

Our Benefactors

Through many years of our activity we could count on many companies and institutions’ friendliness. They support us in fulfilling our mission and launching our projects by donations, competitive offers or any other ways of support.

Gratitude prayer

We remember about all of ours Benefactors, Partners, Friends and Co-workers during Votive Masses in honor of St. Dominic that we celebrate every Tuesday in the Basilica of Holy Trinity in Krakow.

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