Our Associates and Friends

Dominican Liturgical Center is at its core a community of people dedicated to the renewal of liturgy. We work with great creators, thinkers, inspirers and practical people. Our goal is to make their works available to all the Catholic people. We want our Associates’ community to constantly grow. We want to create a forum where they can share the fruit of their work and their ideas and support each other.

Ula Rogala
Marcin Wasilewski-Kruk
Director, vocalist
Elżbieta Wtorkowska
Profesor dyrygentury
Anita Pyrek-Nąckiewicz
Conducting a choir
Artur Zajt
Voice projection
Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński
Early music researcher
Sławomir Witkowski
Gregorian chant specialist
Piotr Pałka
Dyrygent, kompozytor, śpiewak
Jacek Sykulski
Magdalena Szymańska
Vocal educator
Jean-Étienne Langianni
Singer and composer
Tomasz Dekert
Religious studies scholar
Anna Kubik
Music theory
Olga Trzebicka
Vocal pedagogy
Joanna Grabarska
Graphic designer
Małgorzata Janiec
Catechist and bloger
Faustyna Hinc
Paweł Milcarek
Philosopher, journalist
Łucja Nowak
Conducting a choir
Tomasz Samulnik OP
Minister and musician
Fr. Błażej Matusiak, OP
Minister in Prague
Piotr Siwicki
Technical Support
Piotr Oleś OP
Art historian
Tomasz Albrecht, OP
St. Giles Church
Grzegorz Doniec OP
Musician, instrumentalist
Andrii Shkrabiuk
Greek-Catholic musician
Krystian Neścior
Composer, singer, cantor

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