Our mission

We believe that the power of the Church deneds on how liturgy is celebrated. For the majority of Catholic people the Mass is the cornerstone of experiencing faith. What they see, hear and experience during the Mass make up the quality of their faith. That is why we teach faith and share tools to experience it in liturgy. We believe that this is the key to the Church’s renewal.

Our values

In everything we create, we express our values.
The most important among them are:

  1. Faith

    A real, vivid and dynamic bond with Christ and through Him – with the Church. We want it to be our main motivation to action. Whatever we do, we do it in service of His glory and the Church’s benefit.

  2. Catholicism

    Dedication to the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, action in obiedience to the pope, cooperation with bishops. Our identity is Catholic. Our inspiration comes from the Christian culture and traditions, we want to enrich it through our action. Through sharing tools to the liturgy’s renewal, we cooperate with bishops. We shape the strategy of our operations according to the pope’s teachings. We are interested in the Church, not affiliation to any ideologies.

  3. Creativity

    Search for new challenges, answers, ways of action. Taking advantage of the previous generations’ accomplishments and thanks to them, we want to renew the Church’s liturgy. We inspire to innovate, suggest alternative solutions where we see a need for them.

  4. Beauty

    We value art. We search for the right artistic and aesthetic expression for things that are sacred. We opose flimsiness, by which we mean a common disproportion between the significance of liturgy and the form of its celebration.

  5. Cooperation

    Engagement in Christian communities and projects in Poland and all around the world. We promote products and projects dedicated to the Church’s development, especially its liturgy and Christian culture. We eagerly work with institutions as well as individuals whose actions allign with our mission.

We strive for everybody to be able to consciously take part in a beautiful liturgy. We share information, ideas and materials which broaden the understanding of the sacraments. We create products that emphasize the essence and dignity of a liturgical celebration, as well as high quality produce which help one experience faith with joy and pride on a day-to-day basis.

We organize a community of people engaged in the renewal of liturgy. We encourage and continue the work and accomplishments of people engaged in the celebration, research and conserving liturgy’s beauty. We especially collect and promote the work of those, who create and act in Dominican monasteries. We unite clerical and lay people, composers and those who cultivate old traditions, practical people and those, who approach the celebration from a theoretical standpoint..

Our goal is to – among this abundance – find the best forms for the liturgy of our times.

„Faith, in order to grow, needs truth and beauty. We want to create for it such an ecosystem, so that others open up to God through it”

Łukasz Miśko OP

Chairman of the Foundation

Follow your heart

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What do we do?

We engage in many activities aiming to popularize the knowledge and experience of a beautiful liturgy. These are some of them:

Educational projects

We run a Cantor School – a two-year stationary course for musical leaders in local communities, we organize workshops and recolections.

Musical projects

Besides organizing workshops and courses, we are also engaged in studying and sharing good liturgical music. We organize services, singsongs, concerts, we have also organised the Festival of Extraordinary Music.

Internet projects

Internet is a very important platform for us and our activity. For over a decade we have been running the biggest Polish website about liturgy – Liturgia.pl, a website about the sacraments 7pierwszych.pl and others.

Publishing projects

We publish albums with liturgical and sacred music, as well as a book series about the theology of liturgy Źródło i Szczyt, as well as audiobooks and other poublications.

Priestly projects

Liturgical prayer is a crucial element of our workshops and recolections, however we also regularly pray with you and for you – especially during Tuesday votive Masses in honour of St. Dominic.


Trade is our source of income, thanks to which we can fulfil our mission, but it is also a way to spread high quality publications and valuable products.

Dominican Liturgical Center
ul. Stolarska 6/30
31-043 Kraków, Poland

phone: (+48) 12 430 19 34 ext. 0
e-mail: fundacja@liturgia.dominikanie.pl

Our office is open Monday through Friday
at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.