In the third episode of the second season, Fr. Łukasz talks with Małgorzata Manado and Jacek Zejma – two lay people, who – as members of the Order of Preachers – live the spirit and charism of St. Dominic.

Małgorzata Manado OPs – lay dominican, superior of the Fraternity of St. Albert the Great in Krakow, a graduate of Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University, teacher and tutor. Mom of two teenagers.

Jacek Zejma OPs – lay dominican, deputy superior of the Provincial Council of the Lay Dominicans. Vice-Dean for Studies at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University.

The Dominican Order from the beginning of the initial version with three branches: brothers, nuns and laity. The third branch operates in the reduced Rule of the Laity of the Order of Preachers, approved by the General of the Order. Some lay people, inspired by the Holy Spirit to live according to the spirit and charism of St. Dominic, join the Order according to landmarks with a special pledge. They form communities and communities with the various branches of the Order and one family; belonging to the Order, they stay in their families and environments, where they try to show God to others with their lives. After the menu, the tertiary may add OPs – Ordo Praedicatorum saecularis, may take advantage of the privilege of burial in a Dominican habit, and all deceased lay dominicans are included in a prayer for the dead.

An encounter. Crisp thoughts. Inspirations. Teatime conversations (coffee would be quite fitting as well), chats about people and ideas that you as the friends of the Dominican Liturgical Center may find intriguing: Where does the “Polish Dominican music” come from?, What kind of visual art should we employ in our churches?, Who would study liturgy?, What does it feel like to be a catechumen in Poland?

These and many other topics will be the subject of our new video series, “Zdolni” (a pun too hard to translate). Check our YouTube channel or Facebook page on Thursdays to follow your host, Fr. Lukasz Misko, OP, and his guests.

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