In today’s episode, Fr. Łukasz talks to Fr. Mirosław Pilśniak, OP, one of the pioneers of Dominican liturgical music in Poland. What is the difference between a choir and a choir? Do we need an exchange office? How – and why – sing with the whole church?

The fruits of the liturgical searches of Fr. Mirosław and his Krakow brothers from over 30 years ago surpassed their wildest expectations. But have we not lost something of their original assumptions?

Father Mirosław Pilśniak is the author of many liturgical music compositions included in the “O Unfathomable Trinity” Hymnal. He was, inter alia, Prior of the convent in Krakow, and for the last 20 years he worked as a priest of families in Warsaw. In mid-2019, he started working in Krakow again as an employee of the Dominican Liturgical Center.

An encounter. Crisp thoughts. Inspirations. Teatime conversations (coffee would be quite fitting as well), chats about people and ideas that you as the friends of the Dominican Liturgical Center may find intriguing: Where does the “Polish Dominican music” come from?, What kind of visual art should we employ in our churches?, Who would study liturgy?, What does it feel like to be a catechumen in Poland?

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