Fathers from the Dominican Liturgical Center are presiding over the days of recollection this fall, preaching retreats and conducting workshops in various places, incl. Rome, Pniewy, Oświęcim, Katowice and Irish Galway.

On November 15-21, our chairman, Fr. Łukasz Miśko, conducts a retreat for the Ursuline Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus in Pniewy near Poznań. Retreats will last until Sunday, and at the end of the class the sisters will renew their vows. As he himself says, it is a challenge for him: “how to talk about the liturgy to people who have been praying it every day for decades?”. The irreplaceable prof. Fagerberg and his book “Liturgical asceticism” come to the rescue.

On the other hand, the vice-president, Fr. Wojciech Sznyk, on October 30, conducted a one-day workshop for the Dominican Youth Ministry Przystań in Krakow. Then on November 12 – a diction workshop for teachers at the Salesians in Oświęcim, and on November 19-21 he will conduct workshops for the schola of the Polish pastoral ministry in Galway, Ireland . After his return, on November 25, he will also give a lecture on the Dominican Rite for the Dominican Academic Chaplaincy in Freta, Warsaw.

On Tuesday, November 9, Father Dominik Jurczak conducted a day of recollection for priests at the Polish Pontifical Church Institute in Rome. “He reminded us that our life is a constant struggle”. However, this is not a cause for pessimism. “Consolation for us is the gift of Christ’s priesthood, which the Savior in His mercy entrusted to us, so much undeserving of this grace”- the participants summed up the meeting on their website (from which the photos are also taken). The inhabitants of the Institute are Polish priests sent by their bishops to study in the Church in Rome.

In December, the previously announced one-day liturgical music workshops will be held in the Dominican monastery in Katowice, led by Fr Mirosław Pilśniak from our Foundation.