We are pleased to announce that the publishing series “Source and Summit” of the Dominican Liturgical Center and “Myśl liturgiczna” of the WAM Publishing House have been merged into one series under the name “Mysterium fascinans”.

The title “Mysterium fascinans” may be associated with the retreat, organized for years in September by the Dominican Liturgical Center Foundation – and rightly so, because both retreats, when we celebrate the liturgy and enter the depths of this mystery that attracts and fascinates us, as well as reading about the liturgy , deepening one’s knowledge of the different traditions and contemporary challenges faced by the liturgy are connected realities.

The first book in the new series will be “The Liturgy and New Evangelization” by the American theologian and liturgist Timothy P. O’Malley. It may seem idealistic to want the liturgy to encompass all aspects of our life – marriage, family, work, education, politics, leisure – may seem idealistic. In fact, this state of affairs is perfectly achievable.

Timothy O’Malley suggests looking at the course of the Mass in a different way than before – by actively participating in the work of new evangelization. It is not limited to theoretical considerations, but gives practical advice on, inter alia, discernment that can benefit both laity and clergy.

The second book will be “Praying the Holy Mass” edited by Fr. Krzysztof Porosła. Why in the West are the sign of the cross made from left to right? Under what circumstances was the term Kyrie eleison used before Christianity? What did Jesus mean when he spoke of “flesh and blood”? Can the faithful spread their hands during the Lord’s Prayer, as does the celebrant? What should not be preached from the pulpit?

If you want to experience the liturgy genuinely, it’s worth getting to know it as much as possible. The above questions are only a few of those answered by the authors of “Pray the Holy Mass.” Tomasz Grabowski OP, Dominik Jurczak OP, Fr. Krzysztof Porosło, Fr. Piotr Roszak and Fr. Maciej Zachara, MIC – specialists in the field of liturgy – conduct all parts of the mass. They briefly describe its smallest aspects, which often escape attention during “ordinary” Sunday service, and whose appreciation allows you to experience the liturgy much more deeply. In addition to timeless issues, they also touch upon deeply current matters, such as receiving Holy Communion on the hand or admitting women to the language and acolyte ministries.

Pre-order both publications until September 12, 2021, and then purchase them on a regular basis. They will also be available for pre-premiere at our stand during the Mysterium fascinans retreat. Books are just the beginning of a wider collection, so we invite you to follow our social media, blog and newsletter, where we will inform you about further publishing plans.