At the end of June, we opened the registration for this year’s Extraordinary Music Workshop, which will take place in the week of August 16-22, 2021. It is worth to hurry up with the application, because in mid-July some polish-language sections are already full!

Due to the need to ensure the safety of all participants, the number of places will be limited this year, so we encourage you not to delay your decision to apply. Detailed information about the event and the application form can be found, as always, on the website

This year we are planning as many as six thematic sections: choral singing, my first workshop, voice production, Gregorian singing, Byzantine singing and Corsican polyphony. The morning choir classes will be conducted on two levels: basic and advanced. Of course, we have a convenient accommodation offer for you. Everyone is invited to participate in the entire workshop, but if necessary, you can also choose only one of the blocks (Monday-Wednesday or Thursday-Sunday).

If you speak English, consider also participating in this year’s novelty: the English-speaking section, or Extraordinary Music Workshop. It will be a varied composition of classes with several leaders of this year’s Extraordinary Music Workshops and with foreign guests – entirely in English. Detailed information and applications via a separate page and form At the end of July, we will also make it possible for participants who have signed up to Polish sections to move to English-language workshops, if they wish.

In the meantime, we have also signed up for this year’s Mysterium fascinans retreat – places for stationary participation have already ended, but you can still sign up for an online broadcast at