We have been waiting for this moment for almost two years: we can finally invite you to the Mysterium fascinans stationary retreat at the Krakow seminary! This year, however, due to the circumstances, we have a limited number of places – that’s why we will leave, as in the previous year, the possibility of participating in the Internet broadcast of all lectures and prayers.

– One of the assumptions of the retreat is an attempt to translate complicated theology into an understandable and pictorial language. When inviting speakers, the Foundation is guided by the belief that it primarily needs educators who will explain the truths of the Catholic faith in an accessible way – says Michał Wsiołkowski, project coordinator.

Therefore, among the invited group were many eminent theologians, incl. Fr. Dr. Grzegorz Strzelczyk – dogmatist and respected parish priest (parish priest in Silesia), Fr. Dr. Krzysztof Wiśniewski – dogmatist and priest of the seminary in Legnica, Fr. Dr. Krzysztof Porosło – dogmatist and lecturer at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Dr. Jerzy Mycka – mathematician and liturgy enthusiast and Dr. Timothy O’Malley – theologian and lecturer at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in the USA, director of the Notre Dame Liturgical Center. The retreat will be led by Artur Ważny – auxiliary bishop of the Tarnów diocese.

Registration for the retreat is open from 6 July until there are no places available. All information, program and application form can be found at www.mf.org.pl.

Each year, the Mysterium fascinans retreat gathers around 200 people who want to deepen their understanding and experience of the liturgy. Last year, they were held in a hybrid formula – with internet transmission and liturgical celebrations in various cities. During each of the previous editions, the retreats were hosted by eminent theologians and liturgists, including Fr. prof. Cesare Giraudo, Fr. Dr. Jose Antonio Goñi from Pamplona, ​​Fr. prof. Felix Maria Arocena Solano and Fr. prof. Pierangelo Muroni. Invitations were also accepted by Fr. prof. Czesław Krakowiak, Fr. prof. Bogusław Migut, Fr. Dr. Maciej Zachara, MIC, Father Dr. Mateusz Przanowski OP, Dr. Tomasz Dekert and many other outstanding speakers. The initiator of the retreat is Fr. Krzysztof Porosło.