On Saturday, June 26 at 8:30 pm, we invite you to the concert “Noli me tangere” in the dominican basilica in Krakow. This time it will be an open performance of a composition which premiered during our Extraordinary Music Workshop. The concert will be accompanied by a thematically linked lecture and an exhibition of graphics.

Mary Magdalene met the Risen Lord in the garden, who said to her: “do not touch me, do not hold me.” These words became the beginning of great preaching for her. It was she who became the Apostle of the Apostles, she spoke about the love of Christ, which allows life to be transformed, gives strength to endure suffering, which is worth giving up everything.

The figure of Mary Magdalene and the history of her following Christ – teaching, dying, risen – became the inspiration for the entire project. Based on biblical texts, compositions were created by artists from the dominican music community: Ula Rogala, Paweł Bębenek and Tomasz Samulnik OP.

Excellent jazz musicians: tenor saxophonist Piotr Baron and double bass player Maciej Adamczak (also the author of the composition) will add their sounds to the pieces created for this occasion and complete this partially improvised musical experiment, which is by definition an attempt to combine means of expression from seemingly distant musical worlds.

The concert will begin with a lecture by Maria Miduch – doctor of Judaic studies and biblical hermeneutics, MA in theology and Middle Eastern studies, lecturer of Hebrew and the Old Testament – entitled “Called by name”. Several works by Kamila Kansa aka Laura Makabresek, referring to the theme of femininity in the Church, will be displayed in the hospitable cloisters of the Dominican monastery.

The premiere of the composition took place in July 2019, during the Extraordinary Music Workshop organized by us. The current project is implemented under the scholarship of the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.